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Retail Consultants

Posted October 22, 2018  |  Aesop

To consult, serve and prescribe Aesop products to new and existing customers. Ensuring the highest level of service is provided to customers, the role contributes to maximising sales and financial growth. All decisions and actions are made in line with company procedures and guidelines.

This role is at the Self leadership level, which refers to contributors who deliver service and support directly to internal and external clients. The critical Aesop Capabilities for this role are (in order of priority):


  1. Client focus
    Ensuring internal and external client needs are considered when making decisions.
  2. Building partnerships
    Building and maintaining the relationships needed to achieve results.
  3. Execution
    Taking accountability for achieving goals, and tenaciously completing work of consistent excellence.


Sales and Financial Management

Financial Management
 Follow directions on managing controllable expenses
 Assist the Store/Counter Manager with cash handling and manage the banking in an appropriate and responsible manner
 Escalate any issues within store / counter to Store Manager (e.g., maintenance, cleaning, OH&S)
 Identify improvements and/or modifications to processes and systems, and discuss with Store Manager
 Opening and closing responsibilities
Inventory Management
 Be conscious of stock loss, following directions on preventing shrinkage and escalating any issues
 Assist with store stocktakes, as required
 Contribute to store sales
 Understand store sales budget and performance against KPIs
 Support initiatives to improve product performance and return on floor space

Customer Experience and Brand Management

Customer Experience
 Ensure the Aesop approach to customer service and consultations is upheld and demonstrated
 Resolve customer complaints in a timely and effective manner, escalating any issues to the Store Manager
 Stand for extended periods of time and undertake some lifting of up to 15kg
Brand Management
 Be aware of marketing and promotional initiatives
 Support shopping events
 Assist Store Manager with maintaining relationships within local community
 Adhere to standards for store and product presentation
 Understand and meet Aesop’s dress and grooming standards

Self-Leadership and Development

Recruitment and Induction
 Proactively complete induction
 Actively network and identify potential candidates

Performance Management
 Prepare for and participate in bi-annual Development Conversations
 Seek out feedback on performance
Training and Coaching
 Actively participate in training
 Contribute to a positive and harmonious work environment that encourages retention
Team Events
 Participate in social events

Communication and Administration

 Maintain effective, regular and Aesop appropriate communication with colleagues
 Attend and participate in forums and meetings
 Read and action all communications in a timely manner
 Complete all delegated administrative tasks in an accurate and timely manner
 Maintain proficient computer skills and program knowledge


Team Involvement and Support
 Assist in maintaining harmonious workplace relationships by openly and effectively communicating with other employees
 Be an active team member by demonstrating a willingness to help and support others
 Work in a cooperative manner with all other employees
 Adhere to the Equal Opportunity policy of the company
Health and Safety
 Ensure that full care is taken in the performance of all duties in order to protect the health and safety of oneself, fellow employees, visitors and consultants
 Adhere to the Occupational Health and Safety policy of the company


We take every opportunity to work together in an environment of mutual trust, candour and honesty. We believe that the best and most creative ideas are arrived at and accomplished collectively, with personal and cultural differences celebrated and fostered.

We embrace all creative possibilities and challenges, particularly those that arise in times of change and evolution. We have a strong desire to learn more, aim higher and examine more keenly, with a love of the unusual and interesting. We explore ideas and have a thirst for deeper understanding through constructive debate.

We go beyond what is expected, seeking to have a broader and longer lasting impact and producing outcomes of impeccable quality. We are unremitting in the pursuit of excellence; attention to detail and quality permeate every aspect of our working day.

We apply energy and enthusiasm to all our activities and express passion in our working life. We have the strength to bounce back from setbacks and continue in our enthusiastic pursuit of creative endeavours.

We hold fast to an unwavering moral compass predicated on honesty, effort and quality. Integrity, principles and ethics matter to us, and resonate within every decision we make.

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The Village at Corte Madera


Mon - Fri: 10 AM - 8 PM
Saturday: 10 AM - 7 PM
Sunday: 11 AM - 6 PM


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