Sales Associate - Full Time

Posted June 6, 2022  |  Tempur-Pedic

Job Description
Tempur-Pedic Team Lead’s primary responsibility is to provide excellence in customer service while selling and marketing Tempur-Pedic products. In addition, this individual will serve as a member of management when the Store Manager and Associate Store Manager are not available. To include opening and closing the store and covering the management duties.

Essential Role Responsibilities:
* Support management in overall store leadership and supervision
* Drive brand awareness and brand advocacy to exceed projected store goals, including teaming up with partners in the local market to raise awareness across the region
* Aides recruiting, hiring, and monitoring the development of the store associates
* Serve as an example in providing premium customer experience and building relationships with our consumers.
* Support management in maintaining high standards of visual merchandising and brand presentation
* Ensure financial objectives and controls are consistently and correctly managed
* Foster and support a collaborative and open environment across all areas of the company

Role Requirements:
* Bachelor’s degree preferred
* 1-3 years of retail management experience (or equivalent combination of education and experience) with high-end luxury and custom products
* Strong sales skills in a consultative environment
* Demonstrated ability to lead effectively, direct, and train others in a store setting
* Skilled at current best practice retail methods, procedures, and standards
* Flexibility in work schedule reflecting the needs and patterns of store hours
* Fluency with current retail software/computer systems

Contact Information

Contact the store for more details: 628-877-7125