Sales Associate/Stylist

Posted October 12, 2022  |  Gorjana

At gorjana, we act with INTENTION, exude PASSION for business and strive to be UNIQUE in all that we do. We PRESUME TRUST in each other and make the commitment to measure by the standards of FAIRNESS.

INTENTION (How We Act): honest, respectful, generous, thoughtful, purposeful
PASSION (How We Live): competitive, optimistic, motivated, selfless, problem-solver
UNIQUE (How We Work): innovative, efficient, adaptable, collaborative, aligned
PRESUME TRUST (How We Communicate): authentic, clear, transparent, proactive, receptive
FAIRNESS (How We Measure): equality, clear, timely, expectations, objective

We are always looking for new team members. We value adaptable self-starters with a positive attitude.

About This Role:

As a sales associate/stylist, you will be responsible for creating an exceptional shopping experience for our customers in a genuine and enthusiastic manner. Your goal is to engage with guests regarding product knowledge, brand awareness, and the art of layering. You are a true style ambassador and wear gorjana jewelry that you live in, love always, and layer everyday.

Our stylists enjoy a flexible schedule based on individual availability, store hours and business need. On average, gorjana stylists work between 10 and just under 40 hours a week. Availability and scheduling will be further reviewed in the interview process.

Contact Information

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