Lovesac is a specialty furniture brand named after its original DurafoamTM-filled beanbags called Sacs. However, Lovesac has become more known for its proprietary platform called Sactionals – a couch that’s washable, changeable, reconfigurable, and FedEx-shippable. Founder and CEO, Shawn Nelson’s, “Designed for LifeTM” philosophy emphasizes sustainable products that are built to last a lifetime, providing long-term utility and reducing the amount of furniture discarded into landfills.

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30% Off Sac Bundles

Love cloud-like comfort? Shop in store and get 30% off Sac bundles. 30% Off Sac Bundles: Sac Bundles are available in three fabrics: Nickel Woven Che...

Summer Bundles 30% Off Sac Bundles

Ever imagine sitting on a cloud? Lovesac did. That’s why they created The World’s Most Comfortable Seat™. Start with a Sac in one of luxurious phurs, ...

  (415) 945-9396

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