Close-up of blades of grass with water drops on them


Macerich is sharply focused on sustainability as a long-term, fully integrated business approach. Our goal is simple: Create a healthy environment for our employees, tenants, guests and communities and sustain this environment for future generations.

Today we are committed to doing even more — to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, water consumption, and waste generation. For more information click here.

What We’re Doing at The Village at Corte Madera

  • Many of our retailers now offer shoppers the option of reusable bags.
  • We have reduced the need to use the gas-powered Security vehicle by utilizing bicycles for patrolling the exterior of the property in good weather.
  • Modified the operational time period of our decorative water features in an effort to conserve electricity without disrupting the experience of our shoppers.
  • We have given our Retailers Village at Corte Madera traveler mugs in an effort to reduce paper cup use.
  • The center recycles cardboard, glass, plastic, aluminum and batteries.